“Alaia” means happy, cheerful, sublime. Alaia is a wellness and mindfulness platform that was created to help users achieve happy, healthy, and purposeful lives. It contains a robust list of mindfulness exercises for beginners and mindfulness gurus alike. Alaia embeds proven principles of mindfulness, growth mindset (GM), character education, and educational content into its sessions. The Alaia family plans offer Parental Guidance (PG) Features which allow parents to guide their children towards positive digital device use. Alaia makes daily introspection a positive habit. Everyday, users will be prompted with happiness questions that they will be able to select. The app tracks user's responses and charts it for them over time. Studies show that this boosts happiness.

Our History

We began our journey years ago. As educators we understood the need for alternative behavioral interventions and the growing need for mental health services in schools. As some educational models went viral for their no grades policies, or for offering students yoga instead of detention - we took note. Our approach combines ancient principles of mindfulness, meditation, self regulation, and character education.

Our Vision

Alaia was born out of the desire to share happiness, health, and purpose with the world. We hope that Alaia will allow families to be safe, stay connected, and most importantly, be mindful. Alaia brings meditation to every family in their own language. Our content is created for people looking to build healthy habits. Our app gives users the tools they need to make them happier. Guaranteed. Try us.

Our Team

Fernando Zulueta
Luis Fuste
Dr. Bernie Montero
Danai Amaya
Ileana Melian