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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Alaia Available Outside the US? What Languages Does Alaia Support?

    As of now, Alaia is available only within the US. Alaia supports English and Spanish languages.

  • What Does Alaia Do and How Does It Work?

    It’s up to you how much you get out of ALAIA. This wellbeing and mindfulness platform offers quality content for all ages. You can unwind and relax with its guided meditations. Develop deep gratitude and positivity with its extensive library of mindfulness audio content. Every day, you can answer the Daily Happiness Question and track your mindfulness progress over time. You also receive a Daily Positive Affirmation at the time of day of your choice to help you on your way. Parents benefit from comprehensive oversight of their children’s online activity. Use ALAIA to restrict website browsing and reward children with screen time bonuses when they complete mindfulness exercises. Manage your family’s schedule by creating to-do lists in the app. Create healthy habits, become more grateful, and live in the moment using ancient knowledge tailored for the 21st century.

  • How Does Alaia’s Free Trial Work?

    In addition to all filtering options, Alaia's 7 day free trial offers  - Access to 3 mindfulness activities - Access to 10 happiness questions We offer this trial option to show users a glimpse of what the additional features can do. We do collect credit card information to ensure that only serious users try this option. If you sign up for the trial, you will not be charged right away but only after 7 days. During the course of the trial, if you do not wish to proceed or continue with the Premium upgrade, you can contact us and get it canceled anytime.

  • How Do I Get Immediate Help About My Alaia App?

    There are three options available for immediate help with Alaia app. - Exclusive articles and tutorials with detailed step-by-step instructions. Click on the icon at the bottom right corner of our website. We have a plethora of articles and tutorials available under the 'Answers' section.  You can type in your issue/concern and view the related articles. In case your issue/concern is not addressed in the articles, you can choose between the other two options available - Email or Chat support by clicking on the 'Ask' option. - Email Support (typical response time would be 24 business hours) Fill in the form (enter your Alaia registered email id in the Email field if you are an existing user) and elaborate the exact issue/concern you have with Alaia app. Even though the typical response time is 24 business hours, we will try to get back to you within few hours. - Live Chat Support (available between 9 AM - 5 PM EST) Chat with our Help bot and then with a live Chat representative based on the availability.

  • Can My Child Uninstall Alaia?

    Android devices and Kindle -  If set up correctly, your child won't be able to uninstall Alaia without your Alaia account credentials, as Alaia becomes the Device Admin during initial setup.Mac and Windows computers -  If set up correctly, your child won't be able to uninstall Alaia without your Alaia account credentials.iOS devices -  Alaia's parental controls will continue to work even when your child deletes the Alaia app from their iOS device. If your child disables the VPN (this will stop the parental controls), it automatically turns back on as long as the Alaia MDM profile is enabled on the device. In Supervised iOS devices, when your child disables the Alaia VPN, she/he cannot access anything online until she/he turns the VPN back on. But if your child finds a way to remove the Alaia MDM profile, then Alaia's parental controls will stop functioning. We recommend you to set up a Profile Deletion alert to get instant notifications when your child removes the MDM profile from their iOS device. On consumer iOS devices,  by default Apple allows the user to remove any device management profile. Unfortunately, this is a common issue among all parental control apps available in the market today. We can't get around this problem at present because of Apple's restrictions. We are actively engaging with Apple to provide us an API that would allow a more robust service and avoid such potential loopholes. Chromebooks -  You can block access to the extensions page on the browser to prevent deletion of Alaia extension. Login to your kid's Chromebook account, click on the Alaia icon and login with your Alaia account credentials. Check the box next to 'Block Extension page'. Your child won't be able to access the extensions page or disable/uninstall Alaia. Additionally, Alaia immediately notifies parents when the Alaia extension is removed from a Chromebook.

  • Do You Have a Support Phone Number?

    We do not offer Phone Support as of now, but we have live chat agents who can answer your questions during regular business hours. To talk to one of our chat support agents, please click on the Chat button available at the bottom right corner of our support page. In case live chat agents are not available, you will be able to use the contact form to send us an email. As an alternate, you can send an email directly to help@alaiamind.com and one of our support team members will reply within 24 business hours. Check out all options available from Alaia support. Our typical response time for any offline communication channels is less than 24 business hours.

  • What Makes Alaia Unique?

    You can step into a lifestyle of wellbeing and mindfulness with ALAIA. No matter your age and experience level, ALAIA supports your mindfulness practice with quality guided meditations, content grounded in gratitude and positivity, and a Daily Happiness Question that measures how you’re feeling over time.If you have children, ALAIA can help you control their screen time and ensure safe phone usage through comprehensive monitoring. In the classroom and out, ALAIA can help youngsters deal with their emotions in healthy ways and boost their character education with audio content around healthy habits and growth mindsets.Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness reduces stress, improves life satisfaction, deepens communication, and boosts performance at work and school.Soon, you’ll see how refreshing it is to plunge into the moment.

Announcements & Updates

  • Alaia, the digital wellbeing app is available for the Mac and Windows platforms beginning August 24, 2020!  Alaia for Android devices is available to download from the Google Play Store beginning September 4, 2020.  We are eagerly waiting for the approval of Alaia for iOS devices by the App Store.

    By Alaia Support over 2 years ago

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